Taper-Core 35" Scale Bass Strings


G. Gould Professional Bass Strings

G. Gould Bass Strings
  • Extra-long Scale
    • "Classic" formula
      • Taper-core B and E
      • .130, .106, .080, .063, .044
    • New "Custom Blend"
      • Taper-core B, E, A
      • .129, .102, .080, .058, .040, .027 (for 6-string set)

When Modulus Graphite founder Geoff Gould was still at Modulus, all the Quantum basses were shipped with a certain set of medium-gauge stainless-steel string, with taper-core B and E. Modulus no longer uses this string design, but Geoff has gone back to the original string manufacturer to have them made again.


Now featured as standard equipment on the new G. Gould Basses, these strings will fit other 35" scale basses, such as Modulus, MTD, Peavey, Spector, and Dean.


Price: discount for online shoppers:

  • $37.50 for 5-string (reg $50)
  • $40.00 for 6-string (reg $55)
  • plus shipping


Feel your 35" scale bass works better with Taper-core strings, but can't find any?

Give a G. Gould Dealer a call, or call us at 415.251.6991 or email us and we'll take care of you.


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