The bass is back!

Update (5/10/04)
Today UPS finally delivered the bass back home. There's not a lot to say. The mystery of who took it in the first place is still unsolved, and it appears as though nobody even played the bass in the intervening time. I want to thank everyone who kept asking me about my bass, and to those people who notified me within hours of its listing on ebay. Perhaps it's a good thing I'd been too lazy to remove the "stolen bass" notice from my web site!


Update (5/5/04)
Last Friday, the bass appeared on ebay, and immediately the community emailed me and called me to let me know about it. I had to sweat things out for a couple of days, since the burglary department of the SFPD couldn't be reached on the weekend. By the time Monday rolled around, the ebay seller had received enough emails to arouse his interest, and he contacted me directly. His name is Kevin Kish, and he has since returned the bass to the pawn shop he bought it from, and I am currently arranging shipment back home (San Francisco) from Southen California, where it had surfaced. Please don't harass Kevin about this; he has acted honorably, and I will post an update, hopefully next week, when the bass and I are reunited.



Original text:

Unique one-of-kind 6-string Modulus bass.

No serial number, but there is no other bass with same features. Thru-body graphite neck, brass bridge channel with graphite bridge saddles, strings anchored directly into top of graphite plate. Bookmatched top and back quilted maple.

This bass was stolen last night (9/2/02) from my office in San Francisco